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Our community is made up of both students and non-students and includes people of various cultures, professions, education, and background.  You will see people wearing suits, people wearing shorts, and everything in-between.

Our worship services are traditional, liturgical, and energetic. Our congregation loves good music and loves to sing. Our worship will follow one of the orders of Divine Service, which are printed in the hymnal in the pews. If you aren’t sure where we are in the book, just ask someone nearby, they will love to help!

The sermon, hymns, choir anthem, prelude, and postlude are all centered around a theme based on the assigned readings of the church year.

We enjoy having children in worship and offer an object lesson each Sunday that seeks to tie them into the theme of the day.  Don’t worry about them making noise, we want them worshipping our Lord with us!

We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday.  If you have any questions about the Sacrament, please speak to one of our pastors before worship.

Our building is fully wheelchair accessible, with an automatic opening door from the parking lot, an elevator with access to all floors, ADA accessible single stall restrooms with a baby changing station.

We have a hearing assistance system available during worship.  You may borrow a set of headphones (or bring your own) to attach to our device.  It also works with hearing aides that are equipped with tele-coil (turn on the T-setting).

An AED (automated external defibrillator) is on site, and we have a parish nurse.

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